Swiss insurer to stop working with “Nord stream-2”

The Swiss insurance company Zurich Insurance Group will stop providing its services related to the “Nord stream-2” project due to

Trump ordered to cut government purchases from China

The purpose of the order is to reduce the vulnerability of electronic communication systems. The President of the United States,

Xiaomi shares plunge 11% after it was blacklisted in the US

At the opening of trading, the company’s securities fell to HK $ 29 per unit. Shares of one of China’s

Donald Trump administration imposed sanctions on Xiaomi, but problems like Huawei shouldn’t ...

The Donald Trump administration, ahead of the inauguration of the new president, has published a sanctions list of Chinese companies,

The date of completion of the construction of “Nord stream-2” was named

The operator of the “Nord stream-2” project, Nord Stream 2 AG, plans to complete the gas pipeline construction in June,

Financial partner of Nord stream-2″ assessed the threat of US sanctions

German Wintershall Dea believes that as a financial partner of the “Nord stream-2” project, it should not fall under US

The State Department warned companies about sanctions in connection with the “Nord ...

The agency’s sources said that a report is expected to appear this week, which will indicate the companies involved in

The ship Akademik Chersky left the place of completion of the Nord stream-2

The pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky left the site of the completion of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline near the Danish

Swedish media allowed the start of a “gas war” with the arrival of Biden

The presidency of Joe Biden in the United States will start a “gas war” near Sweden over the Nord Stream-2

Turkey launched an investigation against Facebook and WhatsApp

Turkey’s Antimonopoly Committee has launched an investigation into WhatsApp and Facebook over their new privacy policy, Anadolu reported on Monday.