Scientists have found out which consumption patterns of alcohol consumption cause the greatest harm

A study of more than 309 thousand adults in the UK found a link between alcohol consumption patterns and the

A new ice age threatens Earth

Melting icebergs in Antarctica could trigger a chain reaction that will plunge the Earth into a new ice age. This

Named the world’s best small city to live in

Portuguese Porto took first place in the rating Small Cities Index, which evaluates relatively small cities regarding the convenience of

Analysts named the main risks of 2021

The first place in the Eurasia Group company’s rating was taken by “divided America”: experts believe that an era is

The oldest inhabitant of the Earth celebrated the 118th birthday

Japanese woman Kane Tanaka, who is considered the oldest person on the planet, celebrated her 118th birthday, reports NHK. Tanaka

Seven strange things that fell from the sky

Live Science compiled seven strange things that fell from the sky – the list includes fireballs, spaceships, and even iguanas.

Even more unpredictable: the odds and fears of 2021

Next year, the world will try to do what it failed to do in 2020: defeat the pandemic, return to

Top 10 incredible discoveries about extraterrestrial life in 2020

At the end of the year, Live Science compiled 10 scientific discoveries in 2020 about life beyond Earth. We translate

Record damage from natural disasters in 2020 amounted to $150 billion

Natural disasters in 2020 caused $150 billion in damage to humanity. According to a report by Christian Aid charity, the

Chinese scientist told about the lesson learned from the collapse of the USSR

Zheng Yunnan, Dean of the Institute for contemporary Chinese studies, spoke about Beijing’s main lesson from the collapse of the