In the US, it was proposed to mark all broadcast content from foreign authorities

The US Federal Communications Commission has put forward a proposal for special labeling of programs for broadcasting paid for or

The White House will hold a gala reception on the occasion of Thanksgiving

Health authorities do not recommend that Americans gather in large groups on holiday. The White House plans to hold a

A Christmas tree was delivered to the White House

According to a long tradition, she was received by the first lady of the United States. A Christmas tree was

The US launches pilot program on visa liens

The program may include foreigners applying for a visa for business and tourist trips from countries whose residents most often

Trump promised to report fraud in the election

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, after talking with legislators in Michigan, has promised to show “unprecedented rigging”

Twitter said that the official account of the US President in the social network would be ...

It is reported that this will happen after the inauguration. The Twitter administration intends to transfer control of the US

In Hawaii, tourists are offered a night in a hotel in exchange for working as volunteers

In the Hawaiian Islands, travelers are offered to work as volunteers in exchange for a free night at a hotel,

In the US, the first Federal execution of a woman in 70 years was postponed

A court in the United States has postponed the first execution of a woman sentenced to capital punishment at the

A court in Pennsylvania invalidated several thousand ballots

The court decided to invalidate more than 2,3 thousand votes in the state of Pennsylvania. The decree states that 2349

New Orleans cancels Mardi Gras parades

Authorities said the festivities could not take place under restrictions due to the coronavirus. New Orleans authorities have canceled traditional