Trump sought the appeal of the US Department of Justice to the Supreme Court to overturn the ...

According to the publication, the Republicans “put pressure” on this department, but the officials appointed by him “fought back.” Republican

Trump’s impeachment trial will begin after February 8

The trial was postponed for two weeks. The impeachment trial of former US President Donald Trump will begin in the

Trump wanted to fire the acting head of the Justice Department to change election results

Former US President Donald Trump in the last weeks of his tenure was developing a plan to change the acting

The US Senate Finance Committee unanimously approved the appointment of Janet Yellen as head of the ...

She will be the first woman in this position. The vote for Janet Yellen in the Senate will be held

A Biden administration will conduct a risk assessment of domestic extremism

This task will be handled by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the FBI, and the Department of

Senators approved the candidacy of Lloyd Austin to the post of Minister of Defense

Retired General Austin became the first African-American in the history of the United States to head the Pentagon. On Friday

The US lawmaker introduced a resolution on the impeachment of Biden a day after the inauguration

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene said about his practice of abuse of power as vice president. Member of the House of

The indictment on Trump’s impeachment may be sent to the Senate on January 22

The former US president has not yet presented a lawyer who will defend his interests during the consideration of the

Biden to leave Christopher Wray as FBI Director

Ray took over the agency after the resignation of James Comey. President Joe Biden intends to leave Christopher Wray as

The head of the US Agency for Global Media resigned at Biden’s request

Voice of America Program Director Kelu Chao has been appointed acting head of the agency instead of Michael Pack. The