Biden introduced the team of scientists of the White House

For the first time in the United States history, a senior adviser to the president on scientific issues will be

Biden has nominated candidates for the posts of Deputy Secretary of State

US President-elect Joe Biden has named his candidates for Deputy Secretary of State posts, including veterans of the State Department

The congressman said that Trump administration officials would not save their reputation by ...

Democrat Steny Hoyer called the current administration the most unlucky, corrupt, and destructive in history. Officials of the current Washington

Trump requested data on Republicans who supported his impeachment

The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, asked political advisers for information about ten Republican congressmen who voted

The Netherlands government resigns because of the scandal with the child allowances

The government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in full force, resigns because of the scandal with child benefits. The

Pence promised to ensure a peaceful and safe transfer of power to Biden

The Vice President assured that the inauguration would be held in accordance with the history and traditions of the United

Biden on Trump’s impeachment: “The Senate must fulfill its constitutional duties”

The president-elect urged senators not to forget about the urgent problems that concern all Americans. President-elect Joe Biden urged the

Trump adviser left the White House

One of Donald Trump’s closest advisers, Hope Hicks, has left the White House, CNN reports. According to the channel sources,

The Senate will not pass a verdict on Trump’s impeachment until January 20

The Senate will not pass a verdict on the impeachment of Donald Trump before the expiration of his presidential term

Ten congressional Republicans agreed with the impeachment of the Trump

Ten members of the US House of Representatives from the Republican Party agreed to the demand for US President Donald