US retail sales fall for a third straight month

Restrictions imposed due to coronavirus have a negative impact on the economy. Retail sales in the United States fell for

NRA filed a lawsuit for Bankruptcy protection

This may allow avoiding closing at the suit of the state of New York. The National Rifle Association of the

Stock indexes in the United States declined

The main factor influencing investor sentiment was information about Joseph Biden’s plans to spend $1.9 trillion to fight the consequences

Biden presented a plan to stimulate the American economy by $1.9 trillion

About $400 billion is expected to be allocated directly to the fight against the pandemic; about $1 trillion should be

Biden said the pandemic had exacerbated inequality in the US

Billionaires have become richer by $1.5 trillion, the president-elect said. Property inequality in the United States has significantly worsened due

The number of applications for unemployment benefits in the United States has increased sharply

Last week, 965,000 people applied for benefits. The number of applications for unemployment benefits in the United States rose sharply

Biden on Thursday unveils plan to fight coronavirus

It is expected to include an expansion of the vaccination program and new economic assistance. On Thursday, President-elect Joe Biden

The Fed noted a slowdown in the economy in some regions of the United States

According to the US Central Bank, reports on consumer spending are also mixed. The Fed’s analysis of business conditions in

The US Department of Energy raised its forecast for the price of Brent oil in 2021

We are talking about $52.7 per barrel against $48.53, which was mentioned earlier. The US Department of Energy raised its

Twitter and Facebook shares rose in US trading after falling amid Trump lockdown

Twitter’s market capitalization has risen to $39 billion. For Facebook, this figure rose to $739.8 billion. Shares of US companies