Fish-like robots interact with each other without human assistance

Scientists have created robots that, by analogy with fish, can work autonomously in a decentralized manner. Schools of fish exhibit

A robot for disassembling carbon-graphite reactors passed the first tests

Carbon-graphite reactors, which are now being decommissioned, can be dismantled using a mobile robot created by the Special Design and

Au-Spot, an AI robot dog, trains to explore caves on Mars

Scientists are equipping four-legged animal-mimicking robots with artificial intelligence (AI) and a suite of sensory equipment to help bots navigate

AI taught to type on the braille keyboard

Researchers at the University of Bristol presented an experimental environment and set of tasks designed to train AI to type

New vertical farm run by AI and robots, not humans

The 0.8-hectare vertical farm, driven by artificial intelligence and robots, outperforms the 291-hectare flat farm. This was announced by the

AI-based robot learned to walk even with a damaged leg

The new training model allowed the AI ​​device to compensate for limb injuries. The robot was able to cover a

Drone maker DJI is blacklisted by the US

The Donald Trump administration, ahead of the farewell and inauguration of newly elected President Joe Biden, made a final “gift”

Space guards will appear in the USA

In the United States, there will be space guards (guardians) – this is what the military personnel of the Space

China trained drones to destroy hornets’ nests

Central Chinese people and engineers have come up with a way to deal with a large number of wasps in

An extremely large tiltrotor equipped with four propellers was patented in the USA

The American company Bell Helicopter has patented a tiltrotor with four propellers. One of the advantages of this concept is