The anomalous “inverted zippers” on the Ground observed from space

The International Space Station’s Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) has recorded five blue jets — an anomalous type of lightning that

Iodine engine can slow space debris accumulation

For the first time in history, a telecommunications satellite used iodine-based fuel to change its orbit around the Earth. In

A Crack was found on ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) discovered a new crack. “So far we have found one, and another place is under

The Earth “swelled” 3 billion years ago: this is how the first continents appeared

About 3 billion years ago, the earth’s crust swelled during massive explosive growth. Geologists report the new discovery in the

In a distant galaxy, a star escapes death in a black hole every 114 days

At the center of a galaxy more than 570 million light years from Earth, energy flares up with surprising regularity.

Astronomers have created the largest map of the sky: it contains over a billion galaxies

Astronomers, using images from Kitt Peak National Observatory and Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, have created the largest map of the

Scientists finally explain why Saturn tilted

Two scientists from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Sorbonne University have found that the influence of

Scientists have restored solar activity since 969

An international team of researchers led by ETH Zurich restored solar activity until 969. To recover this information, scientists used

Scientists have noticed a galaxy in which a black hole is growing, and stars continue to be born

Astronomers have spotted a distant galaxy that is “stuck” at the moment of “shutdown.” The study is published by The

Traces of several ice ages found on Mars

Geological structures on Mars are traces of several ice ages. The climate on Mars may have changed significantly in the