Algae are capable of trapping and removing microplastics from the sea

Posidonia oceanica, a seaweed that plays an important ecological role in the marine environment, can remove plastic left in the

Darwin’s finches turned out to be “vampires”: they drink the blood of other birds ...

Vampire finches live on the Galapagos Islands: due to the harsh living conditions in the archipelago, they began to attack

Earth will reach critical temperature in 20 years

The Earth’s ability to absorb almost a third of anthropogenic carbon emissions through plants will halve over the next 20

Scientists have come up with a system that removes CO2 from the air

In a new study from the University of California, San Diego, scientists have developed a program to deploy direct air

Dove that crossed the Pacific will be killed for violating quarantine

The racing pigeon traveled 13,000 kilometers across the Pacific Ocean from the United States to find a new home in

A pigeon from the United States may be killed in Australia

Australian authorities may kill a sports pigeon from the United States that crossed the Pacific Ocean and ended up in

150 studies predicted disaster for the planet and humanity

The loss of biodiversity and the acceleration of climate change in the coming decades, combined with ignorance and inaction, threaten

Snakes have a new bizarre and fifth type of movement

Research has shown that brown tree snakes can turn their bodies into a lasso to glide over power poles and

Temperatures in the upper layers of the ocean have broken a record in 50 years

Even with a slight decrease in global carbon emissions associated with COVID-19, ocean temperatures continued to break records in 2020.

92% of microplastics in the Arctic come from washing clothes, not garbage

A new study led by scientists led by Peter Ross of the Ocean Conservation Association of Canada analyzed the spread