Chemists invent shape-changing nanomaterial

Chemists have developed a nanomaterial that can change shape. Now scientists are testing its properties. A leaf-shaped nanomaterial 10,000 times

Chemists synthesize amino alcohols using light

Amino alcohols are high-quality organic compounds that can be found in many everyday objects. However, their preparation is difficult, and

Greenhouse gas methane turned into formic acid

Methane is a promising energy resource for the production of chemicals with high added value. However, the methane molecule’s high

New system disinfects buses in 150 seconds

In China, technology has been created that allows you to disinfect the bus’s interior while it is at the final

A dry ration has been created, which allows you to hold out without water in the open sea

Scientists of the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry (IHTTM) of the SB RAS have a dry ration for

Scientists have found a reliable way to remove impurities from water

Researchers from the United States have found that changing the nanoscale structure of membranes leads to more thorough water purification.

Scientists have presented a way to split water with 100% efficiency

Researchers in Japan have unveiled a new catalyst that can break down water. They want a clean energy source –

They learned to make fuel for aircraft from carbon dioxide

An international team of researchers has presented a method that converts carbon dioxide into aircraft fuel. The effectiveness of the

Scientists made glue from plastic bags

Chemists at the University of California, Berkeley, have recycled polyethylene used into the glue. Although eight US states have banned

An inexpensive medicine has been created for the poison of all types of vipers

Biochemists have created a drug based on three to four relatively inexpensive drugs that can suppress the venom of almost