Scientists measure distance with laser accurate to quantum noise

Scientists have created a method for measuring distances using laser beams that works even in an irregular and difficult environment.

Radars have found the last Tlingit fort in Alaska. They’ve been looking for him for over 100 ...

Researchers at Cornell University and the National Park Service have identified the location of the remains of a wooden fort

A system of six planets found a rhythm of rotation: it looks like a dance

Astrophysicists at the European Southern Observatory have discovered a strange planetary system of six celestial bodies: it has changed scientists’

Scientists have figured out how the first amphibians moved. Their movements were strange

In Science Advances, an international team of researchers examined 3D digital models of the bones, joints and muscles of the

Printed nanosatellite engine emits pure ions for propulsion

The study by MIT scientists, published in the journal Additive Manufacturing, is the first demonstration of a fully 3D printed

The Arctic and the North Pacific Ocean have been influencing each other for millions of years

A study by Northern Arizona University showed that the Arctic and the North Pacific Ocean are connected and influence all

The nebula that disappears into the interstellar medium

The life of planetary nebulae is often chaotic – their parent stars perish, and they themselves disappear into the interstellar

The earth has lost 28 trillion tons of ice. It’s like the whole UK with 100 m of ice

The rate at which ice on the planet is disappearing is increasing, according to new research. The results also show

Dry Christmas trees used to restore destroyed dunes on the coast

Save Our Beach has gathered hundreds of volunteers to restore dunes along the Texas Gulf Coast, most of which were

A method for the interaction of nanoparticles with human biomolecules has been developed

An international team of researchers led by Morteza Mahmoudi of Michigan State University has developed a new method that explains