What happens in our brain when we wake up?

So, the last time an 11-year-old girl asked what happens in the brain when we wake up. The experts —

Symptoms-harbingers of COVID-19 named

Doctors from the Mayo Clinic in the United States spoke about some coronavirus symptoms that precede the respiratory manifestations of

Wearable sensor can warn of developing COVID-19, even in the absence of symptoms

A medical device, the Oura ring monitors various signals, including continuous temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, and activity. Initial analysis

Scientists named the most common complications of COVID-19

American scientists named the most common complications of COVID-19. To do this, experts studied data on 70,288 outpatient and inpatient

WHO named the main causes of death in the world over the past 20 years

Over the past two decades, people have become more likely to die from non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes,

Named product that increases lifespan by 25 per cent

Scientists have found that eating aged cheeses in moderation helps increase life expectancy, Express reports, citing Texas A&M University. Cheeses

Over 350 people contract unknown disease in India

More than 350 people from the southern Indian city of Eluru in Andhra Pradesh have been hospitalized with symptoms of

The biologist told about the premature aging of patients who have had a coronavirus

The consequence of a coronavirus infection may be premature aging of the body. This was reported by a professor of

The Indian nut for the health of nerves and vessels: useful properties of pecan

Homeland and history of the pecan These nuts grow on a tree that is also called Caria Illinois. It is

The new sensor will detect liver damage at an early stage

Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers has created a new sensor to detect liver damage at an early stage. Now there