In the US, more than 200 thousand cases of COVID were detected per day

More than 200,000 new cases of coronavirus were detected in the United States in a day, according to Johns Hopkins

The doctor predicts global COVID outbreak

In the United States in January, up to 400 000 new coronavirus cases can be detected per day. “By January

Trump told when the US will deliver the COVID-19 vaccine

US President Donald Trump said that the coronavirus vaccine’s delivery to the United States is likely to begin next week,

The head of the European Commission called the start date of vaccination against coronavirus

The first citizens of the European Union can be vaccinated against coronavirus by the end of December this year, said

The head of the European Commission warned of the threat of a third wave of coronavirus

Too early cancellation of quarantine measures re-introduced in EU countries carries the risk of a third wave of COVID-19 spread

More than 463 thousand cases of coronavirus infection registered in the world per day

The number of deaths increased by more than 7.7 thousand. The number of confirmed infection cases with the new coronavirus

CDC recommends not traveling on holidays

Millions of Americans, despite the recommendations, decided to use the services of airlines before Thanksgiving. The US transportation security administration

Scientists have studied how COVID-19 is transmitted indoors

As colder weather forces people to spend more time in public spaces, blocking the transmission of COVID-19 is becoming more

Antibody Treatment for Coronavirus Receives Emergency FDA Approval

The FDA has approved the use of an antibody cocktail to treat severe coronavirus cases. Previously, US President Donald Trump

In the US, more than 3 million people were infected with the coronavirus in November

Overall, more than 12.16 million cases of infection have been reported in the United States. The number of infection cases