US Programmer May Lose $ 240 Million Bitcoin Due to Hard Disk Password

San Francisco programmer Stephen Thomas is in a tough situation: he has only two attempts to become a millionaire or

The bitcoin exchange rate has collapsed

According to trading data, the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency – bitcoin, fell on Monday evening by more than

Bitcoin depreciates by almost 10%

The value of bitcoin falls on Sunday by almost 10% and falls below $37,000, according to trading data. According to

The cost of bitcoin is already above $41 thousand

In recent months, only one has heard about bitcoin. And for good reason – cryptocurrency almost every day gives reasons

The price of bitcoin fell after record growth

The value of bitcoin falls on Monday by more than 10% and falls below 31 thousand dollars. In comparison, the

Bitcoin exchange rate exceeded $30 thousand

The bitcoin rate has exceeded $30 thousand. During the day, it grew by 4%. This is the historical maximum value

Bitcoin set a new record — 34 thousand dollars

For the first time in history, bitcoin’s price exceeded the mark of 34 thousand US dollars. Such a rate on

The bitcoin exchange rate exceeded the mark of 30 thousand dollars

The bitcoin exchange rate on January 2 exceeded the mark of 30 thousand dollars. According to the Coinbase service, the

The price of bitcoin for the first time in history exceeded 27 thousand dollars

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, broke the $ 27,000 mark on December 27, 2020, setting an all-time

Bitcoin has updated its historical maximum twice a day

Bitcoin surpassed $25,000 on December 26, according to Coinbase. However, already in the first hours of December 27, the cost