The Governor of New York denied Trump’s words about the refusal of the vaccine in the state

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called false statements by US President Donald Trump about the decision to postpone vaccination against

Biden meets with advisors about the transition process

Trump continues to challenge the results of the vote count in several states. Elect President Biden on Wednesday met with

High temperatures threaten the survival of insects, even if they live in the north

The higher temperatures caused by climate change are difficult for insects to tolerate. This threatens them with overheating. Even in

Apple has released an update for older smartphones and tablets: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPad Air

Recently, Apple released a fresh update for older models of smartphones, tablets and players. So, the following devices received the

Scientists have found “invisible mushrooms” on the traces of their DNA in the soil

Using a new method based on searching for DNA in soil samples, researchers from Uppsala University discovered the existence of

Scientists have reproduced the process of bruising to create artificial skin

Bruises on human skin occur when tissues and muscles in a specific area are injured or damaged by force applied

Italian authorities launch an investigation into deepfake bots in Telegram

Italian authorities have launched an investigation into the activities of deepfake bots on Telegram. It was revealed that they generate

A satellite the size of a toaster will watch supernova remnants

Scientists at Colorado State University Boulder (CU Boulder) are developing a toaster-sized satellite to explore one of the most fundamental

The capacity of the batteries of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 has become known

Traditionally, Apple does not disclose the battery capacity of new smartphones at the presentation. So it happened with the iPhone

The Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded for the development of the theory of auctions

The winners of the State Bank of Sweden’s Nobel Prize in Economics were Americans Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson “for