Cardlax miniature washing machine campaign for TWS headphones launches on Kickstarter

The age-old problem with wireless earbuds is that they quickly become clogged with earwax and dust, causing sound quality to suffer. Especially for these cases, a fundraising campaign has been launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform for an unusual gadget – a Cardlax headphone washing machine.

The device really looks like a miniature copy of a real washing machine. It has a dedicated pre-cleaning brush, a silicone drum, and a container for the cleaning agent. As a result, cleaning takes only a couple of minutes.

According to the manufacturer, the machine is compatible with 99% of wireless headphones on the market, including Apple Airpods, Bose, Samsung, and other models.

At the time of the start of fundraising for Cardlax, they asked for only $33. The regular retail price is $59. Initially, the manufacturer set a goal of $5,000, but it has already managed to raise more than $50,000, and there are still 56 days before the end of the campaign.

Author: John Kessler
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