Cardi B won’t have to pay $ 10 million to an ex-manager

Cardi B’s litigation with her former manager is finally over, and the singer is happy with the results.

In 2018, Cardi’s manager Clenord Raphael, aka Shaft, accused the star of breaking the terms of a $ 10 million contract. Shaft began working with Cardi when she was not yet a popular rap artist. With his submission, the future star took part in the reality show Love & Hip Hop, which became the impetus for developing her musical career.

Also, Shaft and his team wrote the track Bodak Yellow for Cardi, which became a mega-hit. Schaft claims that after this, Cardi’s business went uphill, and her income increased significantly, but the celebrity, according to the manager, refused to pay him a decent fee.

Cardi filed a $ 30 million counterclaim and said that Shaft’s contract was “incredibly unfair.” According to her, the manager did not provide reports on his income and illegally took a large percentage of her earnings. Cardi also stated that Shaft tried to control her life, including personal relationships.

At the disposal of the portal, AllHipHop were data on the case of Cardi and her manager. As it turned out, the court dismissed both charges without the possibility of resubmitting the claim. Both parties agreed to cover the costs of the lawyers independently. Now Cardi won’t have to pay her former manager anything.

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