Cardi B got her first major movie role

Insiders at Variety magazine reported that the 28-year-old rap star had been cast in the lead role in the “rough comedy” Assisted Living, which has been compared to the classics Sister Act and Mrs Doubtfire.

Cardi B will play a criminal who has to hide in the nursing home where her grandmother lives after a failed robbery attempt. We will likely see the singer in unexpected make-up and various comic situations.

In 2019, Cardi made her big-screen debut in The Strippers, starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and Lili Reinhart. On the Ellen DeGeneres show, the star noted that the filming process seemed a little boring to her, because most of the time needs to be spent waiting, but for the sake of a solid fee, she is ready to return to the cinema. What amount is being discussed in the new project has not yet been specified.

Cardi B will also appear in Fast and Furious 9, which is slated to premiere this year.

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