Cardi B gives her husband a gold Lamborghini for his birthday

Belkalis Marlenis Almanzar, known to millions of fans under the much shorter pseudonym Cardi B, two weeks before the New Year and ten days before Christmas, rolled out a gorgeous gift to a loved one.

The singer’s husband, rapper Offset, celebrates his birthday on December 14 and could well have assumed that the star wife had already presented him with a gift. Cardi B’s relationship with Offset is like waves in a stormy ocean. In just three years of marriage, they already intended to separate twice, the first time making up in the spring of 2019, and the second time two months ago. Keeping love and trust is not a birthday present?

However, the singer prepared two impressive presentations for the rapper at once, giving them at a private party. The first was a kiss with the approval of the stellar audience, after which Offset was required to close his eyes and not peep. Those gathered, on the other hand, looked with all eyes and switched the available gadgets to video mode.

From behind the rapper, the barely audible rustling of tires and barely vibrating with a powerful engine, a gold-coloured Lamborghini Aventador SVJ rolled out.