Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson says she tried to get the lead role in Rogue One

The 30-year-old Oscar winner is now primarily known as Captain Marvel superhero, but she auditioned for the lead role in Star Wars: Rogue One. Larson never hid her love for a galaxy far, far away, and even mentioned that she auditioned for one of Lucasfilm’s projects, without specifying which movie it was. The mystery has now been revealed.

While visiting Gary Witt on the Animal Talking YouTube show, Larson enjoyed talking about Star Wars. This conversation was inevitable because it was Witt who wrote the script for Rogue One. In the course of the conversation, Larson casually said:

Oh yes, you wrote Rogue One, right? I did the casting for this film but never got the role.

The actress did not elaborate on what kind of role was discussed, but most likely she is referring to the heroine Jean Erso, who was eventually played by Felicity Jones.

Despite her previous setback, Larson is now a world-famous actress, so it is possible that in the future she will appear in Star Wars.

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