Captain Marvel star Brie Larson shares rare photos with boyfriend

Brie Larson recently spoke live with the editor of Wired and was interviewed by her boyfriend, actor and director Elijah Allan-Blitz.

On air, the couple discussed The Messy Truth: The VR Experience, which aired last year and was nominated for an Emmy. Bree starred in one of the episodes of the show, and Elijah acted as the director. Larson says she was attracted to the idea of ​​the project – to immerse viewers in situations they have never experienced because of their gender, race or place of residence.

After the broadcast, Bree shared footage from interviews in which she was captured with her half.

There are just two professionals who would like your support for our project The Messy Truth. But more importantly, we would like you to participate in expanding our compassion for each other,

– Larson signed the publication.

During the quarantine, the Marvel movie star launched her own YouTube channel, where she shares everyday tips, starts important conversations and shows her home workouts. For a couple of months, more than 400 thousand users subscribed to the actress, but at the same time she faced haters and critics. For them, Bree recorded a separate message:

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