Capable of completing the “Nord stream-2,” the vessel headed for Kaliningrad

The pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky, which is supposed to be able to complete the construction of the “Nord stream-2,” changed course again and headed for Kaliningrad. Data from the Marine Traffic portal evidence this.

On April 26, the Akademik Chersky changed its direction to Nakhodka. Now, although it is moving towards the Baltic through the Skagerrak Strait (located between the Norwegian coast of the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Danish-German Peninsula of Jutland), its destination is Kaliningrad.

The ship is expected to arrive in the Russian port on July 1.

In the way of the “academic plan” went in February. Initially, the ship sailed towards Singapore, then headed for Sri Lanka, after which it changed course several times.

In December, the United States imposed sanctions against “Nord stream-2,” which caused the Swiss company Allseas to withdraw its pipe-laying vessels from the Baltic Sea and stop work on the pipeline.
Alexander Novak, the head of the Ministry of energy, noted that 2.3 thousand km of the gas pipeline has already been laid. Russia will be able to complete the remaining segment by itself, and Akademik Chersky will be suitable for this purpose.

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