Capable of completing the “Nord stream-2,” the vessel changed its owner

The ship “Akademik Chersky,” capable of completing the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline, has changed its owner: now it belongs to the Samara thermal-power property Fund (STPF). This is reported in an extract from the ship’s registration in the Russian international register of ships.

Previously, the operating organization “Akademika Chersky” indicated “Gazprom FLOT,” information about the owner was not posted anywhere. It is noted that a subsidiary of Gazprom acquired the vessel in 2015. As of March 31, 2020, STPF was part of the Gazprom group.

The authorized capital of STPF is 123 million rubles; the Fund is mainly engaged in renting and managing real estate. At the end of March, the Foundation changed its registration from Samara to Saint Petersburg.

As Anton Imennov, managing partner of the Moscow office of the Pen&Paper bar Association, told if the owner of the ship was made a Fund, then possible us sanctions against this legal entity are considered “non-dangerous.” Now the boat itself can be sanctioned.

On May 29, the ship “Akademik Chersky” returned to the German port of Mukran, which is the base for work on the project.

The Akademik Chersky left the port of Nakhodka in mid-February, after which it repeatedly changed course and set the wrong endpoints of the route until it entered the Baltic Sea.

The Russian authorities and Gazprom do not officially confirm but do not deny that Akademik Chersky will complete the project, although it has been repeatedly called the most likely option.