Capable of completing the “Nord stream-2,” the vessel approached the laying site

The floating pipelayer Akademik Chersky is approaching the Danish island of Bornholm, according to data from the monitoring resources Marine Traffic and Vesselfinder.

The vessel is located in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark in the Baltic Sea, under which the unfinished “Nord stream — 2” gas pipeline run.

The pipelayer has been on the road for more than 80 days and has changed its destination several times before. On the eve of “Akademik Chersky,” reported that it took a course for Kaliningrad. The ship is due to arrive in port on July 1.

In December 2019, the head of the Russian Ministry of energy, Alexander Novak, stated that the pipe-laying company Akademik Chersky, owned by Gazprom, can complete the construction of the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline. It will take some time to prepare the vessel, he noted.

The “Nord stream-2” project involves the construction of two lines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The pipeline is actively opposed by the United States, which promotes its liquefied natural gas in the EU, as well as Ukraine and several European countries.
Washington in December imposed sanctions against “Nord stream-2” and demanded that the companies leading the pipeline immediately stop construction. Swiss Allseas almost immediately announced the suspension of work.

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