Capable of completing the “Nord stream-2” barge entered the waters of Denmark

The Fortuna pipe-laying barge, which can complete the “Nord stream-2,” has entered Danish waters, according to data from the Marine Traffic and Myshiptracking ship tracking portals.

So, according to Myshiptracking, in the morning, the ship left German waters and entered the Danish part of the Baltic Sea. At the same time, it is moving away from the island of Bornholm, where the unfinished section of the gas pipeline is located. The destination is the German port of Mukran, where pipes for the construction of “Nord stream-2” are stored. The fortune had left there the night before.

Nord Stream 2 AG is yet to comment.

Recently, Denmark Nord issued Stream 2 AG an updated permit for the construction of “Nord stream-2” in its waters. Now it is possible to use vessels not only with dynamic positioning but also with the anchor, since the section of the gas pipeline that is to be completed passes out of the risk zone of contact with chemical weapons buried at the bottom of the Baltic sea. Work on laying pipes can begin no earlier than August 3, when the appeal period for this decision ends.

One of the possible options for completing “Nord stream-2” involves the use of an anchor pipelayer accompanied by another vessel – with a dynamic positioning system that can hold the boat at the desired point without anchors and mooring. In this case, Fortuna, which belongs to MRTS, can play the role of anchor pipelayer, and Akademik Chersky, which is also located in Mukran, is equipped with a dynamic positioning system.