Capable of anything. The White House spoke about the fear of war over Trump

Advisers to US President Donald Trump were afraid to give him military advice, as this could provoke a global conflict, writes in citing excerpts from the book “Madman’s Theory: Trump Conquers the World” by CNN journalist and national security columnist Jim Schiutto.

Schiutto cited several former Trump administration officials who feared that worsening U.S. relations with the DPRK and Iran would lead the current American leader to drag the country into a new war.

One of these moments was shared by the former special representative of the president for DPRK affairs, Joseph Yun. He pointed out that the White House considered North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “unpredictable”, but in 2017 Trump turned out to be such, according to Skiutto’s interlocutor.

Yoon recalls how three years ago there was a verbal skirmish between Kim Jong Un and the American leader, in which Trump called his counterpart “the little rocket man”, and Trump was “a jerk”.

After that, the advisers to the President of the United States feared that the owner of the White House would begin real military action against Pyongyang.

The unpredictability of the US leader frightened those around him in the context of Washington’s relations with Tehran. Mick Mulroy, who served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East until 2019, said that Trump could make a decision at any moment that would escalate the conflict in the region.

One of the senior officials from the presidential administration spoke about cases of restraining the impulses of the head of state, for example, the case of 2018, when several mortar shells fell near the US embassy in the “green zone” of Baghdad without harming him.

Pentagon employees were surprised when after that they received a call from the National Security Council and demanded options for military action that the president could use against Iran,” the official said in the article.

Author: John Kessler
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