Canadian experts: the crash of the Ukrainian airliner is the result of Iran’s irresponsibility

However, experts have not found any evidence that the plane was shot down intentionally.

Iran’s missile strikes on a Ukrainian passenger liner were the result of irresponsibility, incompetence, and disregard for human life on the part of Tehran, the official report of Canadian experts says.

However, the experts did not find any evidence that the shelling was intentional.

The plane of “International Airlines of Ukraine,” in route flight PS752 from Tehran to Kyiv, crashed on January 8, 2020, shortly after takeoff. There were 176 people on board, including 55 citizens and 30 permanent residents of Canada. Three days later, the Iranian armed forces admitted that they shot down the plane “by mistake.”

According to the report, forensic experts who examined all the available evidence did not find any indication that the plane was shot down intentionally.

“However, all this in no way removes responsibility from Iran,” Foreign Minister Marc Garneau said at a press briefing.

“He bears full responsibility for what happened as a result of incompetence, lack of accountability, complete failure of the management and control system, complete inability to properly assess the risk and refusal to close the airspace or at least inform the taking – off aircraft that they are in a dangerous zone since missile batteries were installed in the airport area,” Garneau said.

“The report highlights the irresponsibility and incompetence of the authorities and the gross disregard for human lives on their part, “Garneau said, adding that Iran tried to hide its actions by leveling the crash site with bulldozers, and “provided only a deceptive and superficial description of events.”

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