Canada wants a deal with Biden to ban gasoline-powered cars

California and Quebec intend to ban sales of new cars with gasoline engines in 2035.

Canada expects to deepen ties with the United States in the field of ecology, and one result of this may be a ban on the sale of new cars and trucks with gasoline engines, a senior Cabinet member said.

Canada’s environment minister Jonathan Wilkinson said Ottawa and President-elect Joe Biden’s future administration agreed that the introduction of zero-emission cars should happen faster.

Canada will discuss with the US how to get there and improve the overall performance of the transportation sector, which accounts for 26 percent of Canada’s emissions, he said in a telephone interview.

The subject of negotiations with Washington may be “what European countries, Quebec and British Columbia have already done, that is, determining the date after which they will no longer allow the sale of internal combustion engines,” he said.

In 2017, Canada said that all cars sold from 2040 should not produce any emissions. California and Quebec have said they will ban sales of new gasoline-powered cars and trucks in 2035.

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