Canada has become the most popular country to work in

Canada last year became the most attractive country for migrant workers, pushing the United States, job seekers began to attract more countries that are more successful in coping with the coronavirus, according to a joint study by BCG and The Network “Analysis of the global talent market – physical and virtual.”

The study showed that out of 209,000 participants from 190 countries, about 50% of respondents are willing to move to another country for work. This is less than in 2014 and 2018-64% and 57%, respectively. Respondents from almost all the countries participating in the survey showed less willingness to emigrate for work.

“Canada has become the most attractive country for migrant workers, surpassing the United States. According to a new study, the pandemic has significantly affected people’s attitudes to working abroad. In general, their interest in moving for work decreased, and they began to attract countries that were able to resist the coronavirus better than others,” the authors note.

Top Ten

According to respondents, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, France, and New Zealand are also in the top 10 countries that are attractive for moving.

“In almost all countries that managed to move higher in the top ten most popular places of work, there was a relatively small number of coronavirus infections. These include Canada, Australia, and Japan. Also, two countries from the Asia-Pacific region that have received praise from the world community for their achievements in the field of health – Singapore and New Zealand-became newcomers to the rating,” the study showed.

Concerns about the fight against coronavirus in Europe have caused a decline in the popularity of many emigration areas for work. So, both Germany and France dropped two places in the ranking. Italy and Spain dropped out of the top ten.

“Similarly, the respondents’ attitude to the most famous cities as a place of work depends on the success in the fight against coronavirus in the countries where they are located. New York, Barcelona, Rome, and Madrid are now far less likely to attract survey participants than in 2018. In contrast, the popularity of Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi has increased because these countries have suffered relatively little from the pandemic,” the authors also noted.

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