Cameron Diaz told how she feeds her one-year-old daughter

Cameron Diaz became the heroine of the new episode of The Rachel Rae Show, in which she spoke about her love for cooking. Earlier, the actress noted that during the quarantine she was carried away by cooking and spent every evening in the kitchen.

Diaz says she also cooks for her little daughter, Radix, who was born in January this year.

“For the first four months, I cooked for every meal. And then she began to think: “Maybe we will order food this time.” But still, most of the time I cook myself. I like to cook. This is the language of my love. I like to cook for my husband and the child; it’s just incredible, ” Cameron shared.

The actress says that the baby already has special food preferences, so Cameron diversified her daughter’s diet with dishes that are traditionally not included in baby food.

“I hate it when people simplify children’s menus. We have no mashed potatoes. She never ate mashed potatoes. Our daughter has been eating garlic from the first days of her life, can you imagine? And she loves herbs, I put thyme, dill, sage in everything, ” Cameron said and added that there is also offal in the Raddix’s diet.

Author: Sam Smith
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