California: tourists trapped by fire were evacuated by helicopter

According to firefighters, rescue operations are continuing.

More than 200 participants of a tent camp in California were evacuated by military helicopter. Earlier it was reported that among the tourists were two people seriously injured from one of three rapidly spreading wildfires that forced people to flee in the sweltering heat when the temperature in many parts of the state was about 40 degrees.

A fire has trapped campers at a reservoir in the Sierra National forest. The Fresno city fire Department said two people were seriously injured, ten suffered moderate injuries, and the rest were minor or not injured at all.

“The aircraft will continue the rescue operation, said the Department. “We don’t know how many more flights will be needed.”

The fire in the Shaver Lake area covered an area of 145 square kilometers, creating a threat to the only road leading to the site for a tent camp, said Dan Tune, a representative of the Sierra National Forest. The fire threatens at least 2 thousand objects in the territory in 467 kilometers North of Los Angeles, where the air temperature reached 47 degrees.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Department tweeted on Saturday that about 150 people were at the slipway in the tent camp. Ten of them were injured.

“They are all safe now,” the Department said.