California startup 3D printed reusable rocket

Californian startup Relativity Space has announced a fully reusable 3D printed Terran R rocket.

The rocket developed is the second work of Relativity Space. Its test operation will begin this year. Nine companies have already signed contracts to launch their satellites into space using the startup’s debut rocket.

For comparison, the first Terran rocket has a height of 35 m, a width of 2.3 m. They can put up to 1250 kg into low-earth orbit. The first stage is powered by nine in-house developed Aeon 1 engines, the second has one Aeon optimized for airless operation.

The 3D-printed engines run on methane, so the rocket can use 100 times fewer parts than competing rockets, and the time to build one Terran 1 is only 60 days.

Terran R’s first launch is scheduled for 2024. Its height will be 66 m, width – 4.9 m. The payload will be 20 thousand kg.

Terran R is a cutting edge solution in the ecosystem of rocket innovation and design. Fully reusable and fully 3D printed, it is well suited to serve the growing demands of the large satellite constellation industry, while also a significant step towards our mission of building an industrial base for humanity beyond Earth.

Zach Dunn, senior vice president of the company

The company will receive $ 650 million from investors to speed up the project.

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