By 2025, China will be able to cause artificial rain and snow in most of the country

The Chinese authorities plan to launch a project for artificial weather control on 56% of the country’s area. This is how they want to increase yields and cope with natural disasters faster.

The Chinese government announced a five-fold expansion of the weather control project. The authorities noted that it would cover 56% of the country’s area. Thus, China will become one of the dozens of countries that will use “cloud seeding” to artificially create good weather conditions for higher yields and prevent natural disasters. “Seeding clouds” involves spraying chemicals such as silver iodide or liquid nitrogen into clouds.

As noted in the State Council of the country, by 2035, the project will be at an “advanced level” and help mitigate the effects of natural disasters such as drought and hail and help fight drought and forest fires.

The researchers noted that generating artificial rain and snow is pretty straightforward. Spraying chemicals such as silver iodide or liquid nitrogen can cause condensation of water droplets and rain or snow.

For the first time, China launched a localized cloud processing project in Beijing shortly before the 2008 Olympics – when they could artificially cause rain shortly before the start of the competition. In June 2016, China allocated $ 30 million for its cloud processing project.

A year later, China spent $168 million on equipment to support the cloud seeding project – they purchased four aircraft and 897 missile launchers. As previously reported by Business Insider, the Chinese Ministry of Finance wanted to use “cloud seeding” so that by 2020 at least 60 billion cubic meters of additional precipitation would fall in the country annually.

In January 2019, state media reported that cloud seeding tactics in Xinjiang’s western region prevented 70% of the hail damage.

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