Britney Spears wins her first victory in a case against her father

Britney won her first small victory in a battle against her father and guardian Jamie Spears. Her petition was granted, and now the singer can expand her legal team and attract new lawyers to the case. Jamie, on the other hand, filed documents, challenging a petition to add more lawyers to his daughter’s legal team, because, in his opinion, it would be too expensive.

Britney wants Jamie Spears to be removed from her 12-year guardianship. She did not attend the last hearing, although her mother, Lynn Spears, Jamie himself, and her lawyer Samuel Ingham were present.

Clearly, Jamie’s goal is either to delay the appointment of a new guardian indefinitely or to dominate the process himself, including choosing a guardian. The only way to ensure Britney’s voice is heard is to provide her with a qualified litigation lawyer to put her on an equal playing field with Jamie, – Britney’s lawyer says.

Earlier, Jamie Spears spoke about Jodie Montgomery, who has already been Britney’s guardian for several months and whom Spears wants to see in this role again. According to the source, Jamie believes she is giving Britney “too much freedom.”