Britney Spears voiced sensational revelations in court

The singer testified in court for the first time in many years.

Singer Britney Spears, suffering from the custody of her own father, testified for the first time in court. For 13 years, the vocalist’s personal life has been controlled by her parent. At some point, due to her psychological state, Spears lost almost everything: children, the opportunity to live her own life, and a happy future.

On Wednesday, June 23, Spears testified. So, she said that all these years she had been lying to the public, but she could not admit it, because she was afraid that people would not believe her.

“I lied to the whole world, saying that I was happy and everything was fine. I’m not happy and not okay, I can’t sleep. I didn’t return to court for so long, because I thought that people wouldn’t believe me,” she stated.

In addition, it turned out that over the past 5 years Britney had to take lithium, because of it, she felt as depressed and drunk as possible. The guards accompanied the singer everywhere and repeatedly saw her naked, which gave Spears serious discomfort.

Among other things, Spears said that she cannot afford to have a child, because her father does not allow her. In addition, the singer suffered from an excess of work. When one day Britney announced that she did not want to go on stage, she received a severe scolding.

“They make me feel like I’m living in a rehab program and not in my home. I will undergo therapy once a week because I really need it,” Wave 3 quotes her as saying.

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