Britney Spears spends Christmas with her sons

Britney Spears once again thwarted her father Jamie’s plans, spending time with her sons – 15-year-old Sean and 14-year-old Jaden. The TMZ portal reports this concerning its sources.

“The singer spent several hours with the heirs on Monday and Tuesday. We don’t know if they exchanged gifts. But we cannot imagine that the boys left empty-handed. We were told that the performer is happy to be with them, ”a source shared.

Now Jaden and Sean have already returned home to their father Kevin Federline, with whom they currently live. By the way, it is with him that they will meet both Christmas Eve and Christmas. And last year, the boys spent almost all of the Christmas holidays with their mother.

Spears no longer has this opportunity this year. The fact is that Britney’s father, Jamie, raised his hand against her eldest son. According to media reports, the grandfather and grandson quarrelled violently, after which the teenager locked himself in the room. Jamie did not tolerate Sean’s boorish behaviour, broke down the door, and gave him a thrashing. After this incident, Britney’s ex-husband Kevin went to court and achieved separation of custody in his direction. Now Spears spends with children only 30% of the time and Federline 70%.

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