Britney Spears’ sister responded to rumors about the singer’s Mental Illness

Britney’s only representative who communicates with the public is her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. She recently responded to some comments from users who discussed Britney’s situation. One of them recalled the singer’s mental problems:

What about Britney’s obvious mental illness? Why don’t you talk about it?

Jamie replied:

‘You have no right to speculate about my sister and talk about her health and personal life. She is a strong, classy woman who knows no barriers – this is the only obvious thing.’

Another user politely asked to clarify the situation, because “due to lack of information, people begin to build theories.”

‘I will never write anything just to clarify the situation to the public, especially if the person concerned is against it. I’d rather take a hit than divulge other people’s thoughts.’ – answered Jamie. However, she thanked Britney’s excited fans “for their attention and respect” and noted that their love helps the singer’s family.