Britney Spears shows how she does boxing with her trainer

Britney Spears posted a boxing workout video at her home gym. For the lesson to take place, the singer and her coach had to be tested for coronavirus and wait for negative results.

Britney wore pink boxing gloves and a matching crop top, black sweatpants, and gray sneakers. In the video, the coach raises his boxing paws, showing where to hit, and the star enthusiastically works out double and triple punches. “I just love that sound!” – she signed the video posted on Instagram.

Britney Spears is known to be in litigation with her father, James Spears, regarding the management of her $ 60 million fortune and his custody of her.

To date, the court has decided to appoint the independent financial management company Bessemer Trust as Britney’s co-guardian, which has more than a century of history and a good reputation in the trust services market.

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