Britney Spears scares fans with her new Instagram Video post

In the video, she answered questions about her favorite color and her own favorite song, swaying from side to side. Her confused speech and movements made fans alarmed about her health. “Why doesn’t everyone care about her? Why does everyone just leave funny emojis? Something is wrong, “I paid attention to body language, things are bad, “She is in a toxic place, she wants to escape. Someone controls her money, ” Britney’s followers write in the comments.

Britney Spears has repeatedly sought the help of psychiatrists. The last time she got to the hospital in the spring of 2019 against the backdrop of a serious illness of her father.

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  • Sunny


  • Sunny

    Wow I did not know that i was jujst listening to her song and i wanted to know who she was and then i saw this im suprised!