Britney Spears’ guardianship lawyer resigns after singer’s appearance in court

The lawyer of 39-year-old Britney Spears, Sam Ingham, who represented her in the court in the custody case for 13 years, has resigned. He announced his decision to stop working with the star shortly after Spears’ resonant speech in court. He did not indicate the reason for his resignation and asked the court to appoint a new lawyer for the singer.

His decision may be related to Britney’s appearance in court. The singer said that she did not know that she could apply for termination of guardianship, thereby casting a shadow on Ingham. Insiders of the TMZ publication said that the lawyer was extremely upset by the statements of the star. According to him, he regularly offered her various options for resolving the issue of guardianship, including terminating it.

In addition, Britney said that Ingham did not advise her to speak in public and tell the public about everything.

“My lawyer, Sam Ingham, was very afraid that I would act because he believes that if I speak, I will be overwhelmed with work in that rehab facility. He told me I should keep it to myself”, said Britney in court.

The singer also noted that although she had a personal relationship with Sam and they often talked, she would like to be able to choose her own lawyer (Ingham was appointed to this position by court order).

Two days ago, Larry Rudolph, who worked with Spears for 25 years, announced the decision to leave the position of the singer’s music manager. He said that since the singer is close to retirement, his services are no longer needed.

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