Britney Spears’ father is doing everything to make her less likely to communicate with sons

The relationship between Britney Spears and her father deteriorated sharply in August 2020. The fact is that the singer asked to remove Jamie from the position of guardian, which he held for 12 years. The performer went to court but lost the case. Until February 2021, her father will continue to be her guardian.

He did not forgive his daughter’s “betrayal” and began to influence her in cruel ways. Insiders told Us Weekly that Britney’s father fought with her eldest son, Sean. According to media reports, the grandfather and grandson quarrelled violently, after which the teenager locked himself in the room. Jamie did not tolerate such rude behaviour of his grandson, broke down the door and gave him a thrashing.

After this incident, the ex-husband of Britney and the father of her children, Kevin Federline, judicially obtained a restriction on the communication of Spears’ father with his sons. Due to Jamie’s deranged behaviour, the singer also suffered. Previously, they shared custody with their ex-husband over the children in half, but now she spends only 30% of the time with them, and Kevin 70%.

“Jamie is the reason she now spends much less time with her sons than she used to. The Jamie and Sean incident changed everything. It was a big blow to Britney. She, Kevin, Sean and Jaden has since then taken a fresh look at Jamie, ”the source shared.

A couple of days ago, Britney’s father in an interview with CNN noted that he had not spoken to his daughter since August. “I love my daughter and miss her very much. When a family member needs special care and protection, the family must take a step forward. As I have done for the past 12+ years to protect Britney, ” he said.

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