Britney Spears’ ex-husband is confident about her Mental Health

According to the source, Kevin Federline believes that Britney is fine and continues to see their sons together.

Britney Spears is still seeing her sons Jaden and Sean, and Kevin Federline, their father, is in no way preventing this from happening. This is reported by TMZ, citing a source familiar with the situation. According to an insider, Kevin is confident in his ex-wife’s mental health.

‘If he ever felt worried about Britney’s state of mind, he would take legal steps to prevent the boys from seeing Britney, or less often.’ – the source notes.

According to him, Kevin is confident that the boys in their mother’s house are safe. They spend 30 percent of their time there. When Jaden and Sean visit their mother, there are always other people in the house, which, according to an insider, makes Kevin even calmer. And he, as the informant notes, does not care about the hype around the singer, whom they want to “save” from custody. According to TMZ, Britney will continue to see her sons, and Federline does not intend to judge her mental state, because she “does not consider herself an expert.

Recall that many Britney fans are convinced that the singer found herself in a helpless position because of her ex-husband and relatives, who take away her rights, interfere with communicating with children, and try to take possession of her condition.

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