Britney Spears’ dad thinks he deserves credit for his work as a guardian

The struggle of 39-year-old Britney Spears for freedom from custody has long been similar to an action-packed series, where each new detail only heats up passion. Not so long ago, the singer seemed to have a chance for a happy ending – her father, whom Britney herself accused of abuse, said that he would be ready to give up the role of guardian.

But recently, Jamie Spears sent new documents to court, in which he noted that his daughter’s struggle with “addiction and mental health problems” is much more serious than the public knows, and the public would “praise him” if they knew “confidential information about the seriousness of the problems. “Britney.

“If the public knew all the facts of Ms. Spears’ personal life, not only her merits, but her flaws, all the addictions and mental disorders, the health problems she was struggling with, and all the guardianship problems, they would praise Mr. Spears for the work he has done. rather than denigrating him. But the public does not know all the facts and has no right to know them, so there will be no public redemption for Mr. Spears”.

said in a 15-page document sent to the Los Angeles County Court.

In the documents, Jamie Spears also denies that he controls Britney’s prescription drug plan and says that her former guardian, Jody Montgomery, took over her medication (in 2019, she was given some custody authority).

Britney previously complained that she was forced to take powerful mood-stabilizing drugs such as lithium.

It is also noted that her treatment plan was agreed with Jody Montgomery, the late Britney psychiatrist Dr. Benson, her former lawyer Sam Ingham III and other medical experts.

In addition, Jamie claims that his primary role in treating Britney was to pay bills: Montgomery was given $ 10,000 a month to resolve this issue, but medical expenses often “exceeded this amount.”

In the documents submitted to the court, the father of the pop singer stressed that his only goal was “to save his daughter.” He admits that the measures may have made Britney feel “constrained” by the treatment plan, but the decision was made to treat her together to keep her from self-harm.

“There is no question that custody saved Ms. Spears from disaster, it supported her when she needed it most, protected her and her reputation from harm, and helped in rebuilding her career”, it is said in the official documents.

Nevertheless, Jamie Spears again indicated his willingness to “step aside” to save his daughter from debilitating “public scandals.”

However, he stated that he should not be removed or removed from office, but that he plans to step down in due course. When this might happen, Britney Spears’ father did not elaborate.

Recall that Britney has been under her care since 2008. Recently, this topic has again been vigorously discussed in the press. So, this summer, the singer was able to speak in court for the first time (she made her statement by phone) and described everything that she had to go through.

The singer’s revelations shocked many: Britney said that she was constantly under the supervision of the staff, was forced to spend whole days at a psychiatrist’s office, she was forced to take medications, and a spiral was installed without her consent so that she could not get pregnant.

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