British Prime Minister Boris Johnson re-elected to Parliament

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was re-elected to Parliament, according to the results of the vote.

Now, it is obvious that Johnson will triumph at the end of the election. According to the exit poll and Sky’s forecast, the Conservative party will win an absolute majority in Parliament, allowing the government to implement quietly “Brexit” in January, as well as easily pass bills.

At the moment, the results in 359 constituencies out of 650 have been summed up. The conservatives already have 188 seats, labor 123.

In the UK on Thursday, General elections were held; they were the result of a political crisis due to the upcoming exit of the UK from the EU. The conservatives seek to implement Brexit on January 31, the lib Dems are in favor of maintaining EU membership, labor promises a new referendum.

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Author: Flyn Braun
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