British MPs passed an amendment to delay “Brexit”

LONDON -The House of Commons of the British Parliament passed an amendment on Saturday to delay Brexit. 322 lawmakers of the lower house of Parliament voted for the proposal, introduced by the former Deputy from the ruling Conservative party Oliver Letwin, against-306 deputies.

“Unfortunately, Parliament, in fact, did not take the opportunity to hold a vote today on the substance [of the EU deal], as it has now lost any meaning,” Johnson said, stressing that he is not broken by such a result and will seek the Kingdom’s exit from the EU on October 31 on the terms approved by the EU summit on October 17.

The amendment to the government’s proposal to approve the deal with the EU, which was announced on October 17, made meaningless the vote on the agreement with the European Union, scheduled for Saturday evening. Its text suggests that a deal with the EU will not be approved by MPs until The House of Commons passes all the laws necessary to “divorce” the European community. This is to avoid the possibility of a no-deal “Brexit” due to unforeseen contingencies or a simple lack of time to implement the necessary legal procedures.

“The purpose of this amendment is to ensure that we will continue to be insured against a no-deal Brexit, which will be implemented automatically on October 31, if we still do not have an agreement with the EU [approved by the British Parliament], “Letwin said during the debate, stressing that the delay may not be necessary at all if the threat of a “hard Brexit” does not arise.

Earlier, government sources warned that if the amendment is passed, Conservative MPs will refrain from further participation in Saturday’s meeting of the House of Commons and will not vote on the text of their proposal, which was radically changed by the Letwin amendment.

In his speech, Johnson confirmed that he would not discuss with the EU the possibility of a delay and next week his Cabinet will present the laws needed to implement Brexit on October 31. So a vote on the EU deal will also take place next week.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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