British editors-in-chief were outraged by Prince Harry’s words about the “narrow-mindedness” of the media

The editors-in-chief of the British media consider unacceptable the words of Prince Harry about the “narrow-mindedness” of the press of the United Kingdom, according to a statement by the executive director of the Society of British Editors-in-Chief Ian Murray.

In an interview with American TV host Oprah Winfrey, aired in the United States on Sunday, the Duke of Sussex, in particular, said: “The UK is not narrow-minded, the British press is narrow-minded, especially the tabloids. But, unfortunately, if the source of information is vicious in nature, is racist or biased, then this applies to the rest of society.” Prince Harry’s wife Meghan accuses the British tabloids of racism and harassment of her personally.

“The British media is not narrow-minded, and attacks on the press by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not cause them to deviate from their crucial mission of holding the rich and powerful to account,”

Murray said in a statement.

“It is unacceptable that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make such statements without providing evidence. If it is simply that the Duke and Duchess consider it racist that the media question their actions and comment on their functions, given that the work of members of the royal family is funded by taxpayers, then they are wrong,” Murray said.

He noted that the engagement and wedding of Prince Harry and their charitable activities were covered positively by the British media, which reflected the warm attitude of the people of the United Kingdom toward the couple.

“But this warmth could not and should not mean that the press should refuse to cover, investigate and evaluate the couple’s lifestyle and actions,”

Murray said.

“The British press also played a big role in allowing the prince to serve in Afghanistan, for which it agreed to impose an embargo on reports about his service… The British media is proud of its role in combating racism and participating in information campaigns to support psychological health – this is another issue that the couple is talking about,” he said.

In an interview, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who retired from royal duties, made several sensational statements that hurt the royal family and the image of the British monarchy. In particular, Megan said that someone from her husband’s relatives expressed concerns about the color of her unborn child’s skin and that she herself had thoughts of suicide, and she was refused help. She also said that she was offended by the wife of Harry’s older brother, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate. Prince Harry, in turn, told how his father, Prince Charles of Wales, did not return his calls, refusing to discuss his son’s problems.

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