Britain may stay in the EU for three months. May proposed to Parliament a scenario with a delay “Brexit”

Speaking in the House of Commons of the British Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May presented scenarios around the country’s exit from the European Union, reports the BBC. One of these may result in a postponement of the release date.

On March 12, Theresa May will put to a vote a new version of the agreement with the EU on the terms of withdrawal.

If parliamentarians do not support it, on March 13 May offer them to vote for or against leaving the EU without an agreement with Brussels. If the deputies support this option, the country will leave the EU on March 29.

If the parliamentarians do not support the scenario with the exit without an agreement, on March 14 May will put to a vote the option with a postponement of the exit date.

The Prime Minister stressed that she herself does not want the date to be postponed. “We should focus as much as possible on reaching an agreement with Brussels and leaving the EU on March 29,” she stressed. After that, may said that if the scenario is chosen with a delay, the exit from the EU will take place “no later than at the end of June”, and further transfers will not be.

May’s representative after her speech explained that she is working to agree on a deal by March 12, Reuters reported.

The government is trying to agree with Brussels on a new text of the agreement on withdrawal from the EU since mid-January: then more than 400 deputies did not support the strategy of May (only 202 people voted for it). At the end of the month, the House of Commons opposed “Brexit” without a deal.

Fitch rating Agency in February included long-term UK Issuer default ratings for revision with the possibility of downgrading due to uncertainty with the option of leaving the EU. According to experts of the Agency, “Brexit” without a deal can lead to a recession in the economy.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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