Britain has maintained two-week quarantine for Russians

The UK has ordered Russians, as well as citizens of other countries, to observe a self-isolation regime for 14 days upon arrival, the British Embassy in Moscow said.

“Air traffic between the UK and other countries, including Russia, has remained open. We are happy to welcome anyone who wants to visit the UK legally. We remind you that all passengers arriving from Russia to the UK must comply with the self-isolation regime for 14 days,” the Embassy quoted TASS as saying.

As explained in the Embassy, no specific requirements for entering the Russians do not register. It is about acting with a June 8 entry regulations into the UK, which are taken to prevent repeated waves of the spread of coronavirus infection.

According to these rules, failure to comply with the regime of self-isolation in Britain faces a fine of 1 thousand pounds.

Recall that since July 15, Russia has canceled the quarantine for arrivals from abroad.

Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Vladimir Kantorovich said that of the countries with which Russia will resume air service from August 1, Turkey would be the most relevant. Still, the demand for it will most likely exceed the supply.

Transport Minister Eugene Dietrich announced the resumption of flights from August 1 to Britain, Tanzania, and Turkey.