Britain has complained of fraud by the US

In the UK, they said that they “look like fools” thanks to the deception of the US, The Guardian wrote.

According to media reports, British-American relations are put at risk by the investigation of a criminal case involving US citizen Saman Asani. The case was under the supervision of the severe British fraud office (SFO). It was authorized at the time by the Attorney General of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Wright. However, at some point, American investigators joined the investigation.

“According to one of the former senior employees of the serious fraud office, Alan Milford, the Americans asked the Agency to step back because, in their opinion, they had a better chance to convict Asani and persuade him to testify about other people involved in bribery,” the Guardian newspaper reported.

As a result, the UK handed over “a significant amount of evidence” to its American counterparts, and Asani was extradited to the United States, where he admitted only to facilitating millions of dollars in bribery between 1999 and 2016. The British stopped the investigation by the time of the trial, which provoked a scandal.
“We look like fools,” the newspaper quotes Milford as saying.

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