Britain has appointed a new head of foreign intelligence

The new head of the British foreign intelligence service MI6 will be the current political director of the country’s foreign Ministry, Richard Moore, said in a message transmitted to Free News by the British foreign office.

“The Foreign Secretary, with the consent of the Prime Minister, has approved the appointment of Richard Moore as head of MI6. Richard will replace Sir Alex Younger, who will leave the service in the autumn,” the report said.

In the past, Moore served as the British Ambassador to Turkey and Deputy national security adviser to the Cabinet Secretariat.

Former military officer Alex Younger has been the head of MI6 since 2014 and has served in foreign intelligence for almost 20 years. Younger was due to leave his post in November 2019 at the end of a five-year term, but at the request of the government remained in the post to ensure stability in the security sector after the UK leaves the EU. Younger was involved in the investigation of the 2017 terrorist attacks, as well as the Salisbury incident. In April last year, Younger suffered a personal tragedy: his son Sam was killed in a car accident.